“We get to, literally, drive the industry forward”

Trucking Moves America
2 min readMar 15, 2022


Cindy J. Miller, President and CEO, Stericycle

Cindy J. Miller is the President and CEO of Stericycle, a leader in medical waste management, where she led the company’s business transformation strategy.

Prior to joining Stericycle, Cindy enjoyed a 30-year career at United Parcel Service (UPS). She began as a truck driver and worked her way up to President of UPS Europe and later Global Freight Forwarding.

Cindy told TMAF, “I’m proud to lead an organization that makes a difference by protecting the health and well-being of the people and places around us in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way. It’s an honor I wouldn’t have had if I wasn’t willing to say ‘yes’ more often than ‘no’ throughout my career.”

Her experience as a truck driver and through various management positions gave Cindy unique perspective that she brings to her job. “Each opportunity taught me more about the business. And when you get into management and need to make decisions, it helps to know what effects your decisions have on the front line.”

Discussing what she enjoys most about working in the trucking industry, Cindy said, “Working in healthcare logistics gives you the opportunity to contribute to a chain of actions that benefit a greater good, and I think that’s really special. Our work is purpose-led, and we get to, literally, drive the industry forward.”

One of Cindy’s priorities is inspiring and cultivating career growth for underserved groups in the industry. “In March of last year, I joined more than 2,000 CEOs pledging to take action to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace through the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion coalition. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, the first female CEO of a waste company, and Stericycle’s first female CEO, I recognize that promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion isn’t just a goal at Stericycle, it is a responsibility for the industry as a whole.”

When Cindy is not working, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. She also likes to golf, boat, travel, and watch college football.

In a male-dominated industry like trucking, Cindy says, “Women have the unique opportunity to bring a perspective that hasn’t been given as much light in the past and never forget that they are their best advocate for the change that they want to see.”

One piece of advice that Cindy would give to others is, “When it comes to new opportunities, always say ‘yes.’ Every time you say ‘no’ to an opportunity, you are building your own ceiling and creating your own limitations.”



Trucking Moves America

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