NASCAR Driver Quin Houff Thanks America’s Truck Drivers During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

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3 min readSep 16, 2021


“There is so much truth in the saying ‘If you bought it, a truck brought it.’ Always remember to thank a trucker!”

Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF) had an opportunity to interview Quin Houff, a professional race car driver and proud member of the trucking industry. Quin’s StarCom #00 Chevrolet Camaro was on the Richmond Raceway at the start of the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW) and was designed to paid tribute to and celebrate America’s 3.6 million professional truck drivers.

Quin has been a fan of racing since he was a kid. He told TMAF, “I first got started in racing in go-karts at a local track here in Virginia when I was eight years old. I had bugged my dad for two years. I wanted to race competitively, and he finally caved in. It was something for us to do together!”

Before fulfilling his lifelong dream of racing, Quin worked for his family’s trucking business, Houff Transfer, which has been in operation for over 80 years. “My family has been in the trucking business since 1937 when my great, great grandfather and great grandfather started Houff Transfer together,” Quin explained. “Now the 5th generation is involved at the family business.”

Quin said, “Just like my father and grandfather, I started out washing trucks and trailers during after school and/or during the summer. When I was 16, I started to help in the trailer shop. In there, I helped check rigs in as they came off the road to make sure everything was mechanically sound, and if it wasn’t, we fixed it.”

After graduating high school, Quin told TMAF, “When I wasn’t racing, I was in the shop at Houff Transfer doing brake jobs, wheels seals, changing tires, and learning how to do bigger frame jobs. I even got my class B state inspection license when I was 21. When I started racing full time in 2020, I stepped away from working at home, but I always go by and visit HTI when I’m in town.”

Last year, during one of his races in his hometown of Virginia, Quin wanted to show his support for professional truck drivers in his home state of Virginia and nationwide on the racetrack. He coordinated with Highway Motors, Inc., an international truck dealer in the region, and the Virginia Trucking Association, to collaborate on a design for his racecar. Quin had a longstanding relationship with Tom Mohr at Highway Motors, who he met when he was younger. Tom coordinates with Houff Transfer and the Houff family regularly; the two family-owned businesses have worked together for decades.

Quin worked with Highway Motors and the Virginia Trucking Association again this year on a trucking branded car for the Richmond race. This year’s car featured the NTDAW 2021 logo on the hood of the car, as well as two messages: “Thank You Truckers” on the side of the car and “If You Bought It, a Truck Brought It” on the rear of the car.

Speaking about how it felt to race the trucking-branded car again this year, Quin said, “It was super special to be able to run a truck appreciation scheme at my home track in Richmond. Having my family be in trucking and having worked in the trucking industry through high school, it means a lot. I have seen in the industry up close and know what it takes day in and out to do the job and those people deserve appreciation well beyond one week.”

Quin concluded, “Having grown up in the trucking industry I know firsthand the trucking industry is vital to keeping America moving. There is so much truth in the saying ‘If you bought it, a truck brought it.’ Always remember to thank a trucker!”



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